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"(What I like best...) What beautiful poetry! Its so nice to see how much others love their dogs! Excellent job! Made me laugh and cry!" - L.M. (1-19-2001)
"(What I like best...) Love Yellow Labs, and loved the stories and poems. I have 2 Yellow Labs myself, a 5 year old female, which we got as a baby, and a 3 year old male, which we adopted from Lab rescue when he was nine months old. The poor guy, after running the poor guy to many different vets, ended up for 4 days in Cornell Vet. Hospital in Utica NY, only to be diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Thanks to special foods, and 3 different medicines a day, he has put on about 40 pounds, and is doing great. He had also been an abused dog, but is the sweetest little guy, and we just love him." - S.E. (1-10-2001)
"(What I like best...) Stories. It is great to FINALLY find a world that I feel half normal in." - D.D. (1-9-2001)

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