Hi! My name is Caleb and welcome to my
little corner of the Web. As you can see,
I'm a yellow lab, a very cool thing to be!
Because I'm the 'Perfect Lab', they built
a statue of me!
I was born December 29, 1995 at OakRidge Kennel in Chester, CT. My sire is Tuckernuk's Hammer Man and my dam is Oakridge Shelby Mine. I picked my new family when I was less than five weeks old. So far, so good!

Now I live in the 'burbs' in a nice house with my Dad, Walt, a full-time Special Ed. teacher and part-time Dog writer and my beautiful Mom, Wendy, whose favorite words are, 'WHO DID THIS??!!' There's also my human sisters, Cory, who graduated from Southern and is now a Special Ed. teacher like Dad, and Jaime, who is a Dean's List Elementary Ed and Sociology double major at Southern. They let me sleep on their beds! That's great! But they also like to give me baths so I don't smell like a dog! What's up with that?

My family brought home a step-brother for me named Gibson Napolean. They say that he is something called a pale cream French Bulldog, but between you and me, I think he's a mutant dwarf, yellow lab!

My jobs around here, besides trying to teach Gibby how to act like a lab, include tennis ball fetching, car riding, cat bothering, Dog soccer, Non-obedience training and major Butt-tucking. Mom says not to forget 'shedding'. I excel at that!

My most important job, though, is helping my Dad write Dog Stories. We sit down at the computer and put together poems and essays for the folks on the LABSR4U mail list. Sometimes they end up in newsletters, magazines, journals and even a cookbook! Some of our stuff, (we call it 'stuff') ends up on other Websites too. Dad does all the typing and I do all the inspiring. What a team!

Our Doghousemaster, Nate, put this page together so we can share our 'stuff' with all you surfers. (Way to go Nate!) We really hope you enjoy yourselves. Take a look at our pictures and read our stories.

Drop us a line and Thanks for dropping by!

Hammerson Caleb Tucker of Northford (that's my important name!)

!!! Winner !!!

Remember Labrador Tales, Dad's first book? Well, he and his pal John Arrington won the Maxwell Medallion presented at the Dog Writer's Association of America Awards Banquet in New York City. Dad and the family made the trip into 'The Big Apple' for the gala event. We couldn't be more proud him!

Pictures! My photo album is really starting to grow!

Pictures of Me
(3 pictures, 32k)

Puppy Pictures
(3 pictures, 40k)

Me & Gibby
(5 pictures, 94k)

Pictures of Gibby
(6 pictures, 119k)

A Special Place
(1 picture, 16k)

Want to see more pictures of me and Gibby? Check out our other photo album at PhotoPoint!


This is the spot we've got reserved for all our stories. My Dad is real talented and I'm pretty proud
of him. Check back often - you never know when something new will appear! By the way, Dad was
named "Artist of the Month" in Cyberdog and Cats magazine for November 1999, a bilingual
publication from Italy. (Recent additions have emphasized titles)

The All-New
Politically Correct
Breed Standard For
The Labrador Retriever

Another Birthday Song

Balnoria Night

Behind The Email

Big Bad Lab

The Black Dog Allegory

Borrowing Time

A Breeder's Prayer

The Campfire

Campfire 2: Closure

A Mid-Winter's Night

Campfire's Call:
A Winter's Night

The Canine

...Carry You

Christmas Stuff

The Conversation

A Different Conversation

Dog List Rules

A Dog Writer's 'Tail'

A Dream Of Genie


From A Guide Dog

Full Circle

Godspeed, Lucky Boy

Going Nowhere

A 'Golden' Lab

Just A Pet

Labradoria The Beautiful

Liz, The Lab Writer
And The Ex-Marine

The Look

Magi: A True Story

Male or Female - Zen

Man's Best Friends

The Mating Game

Of Mice... and Men?

A More Perfect World

The Odyssey

The Old Stoker

...And On The Other Coast

The Open Gate

An Ordinary Day

Our Walks Are Getting Shorter

The Perfect Lab

Pet Shop Girl

Pick Of The Litter

Please Sit With Me

A Portrait Of The Artist

The Private Lab

A Quiet Hero

A Real Lab

At The Request Of Friends


They Hear You

Top 10 Topics 'NOT'
To Post On Lab Lists

Top 12 Things Your Dog
Would Say If It Could Talk

Top 20 Lab Terms

Touching Mediocrity

Universal Mom

Until the Day...

Walking Willa

Walking With Bob

When The List Is Down

Whose Lab This Is

Winter Noses!

Wise Eyes

Wonderdogs? ....I Wonder

I'm sure everyone has heard of Heart Dog Diaries, Volume1.

It is the first in a totally interactive series that includes stories from folks around the world, about the special 'Heart Dogs' in people's lives. With partner/editor Linda Power, of Labrador Life Line and artist Kimi Dustins, he has begun this project to raise money for Rescues, Shelters and Animal Assistance programs around the country. You can support your favorite Rescue and become a contributing author as well. Send a check or money order for $14.95 to:

W. Zientek
c/o Heart Dogs
PMB 170
514 Foxon Blvd.
New Haven, CT 06513-2329

Please include your name and address and the name and address of the Rescue you would like to support. Dad will send you a signed copy of Heart Dog Diaries and will send a check to the Rescue, in your name. In the book are instructions on how to submit your own 'Heart Dog' story. This project is not just for Labs, but will assist any group that helps dogs.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at: wzw@aol.com

Please remember that these works are very personal. If you'd like to reprint, repost
or make any other use of any of them, please e-mail my Dad, Walt, first. Thanks!

Would you like to read more stories? My buddies Otis & Jake have a pretty big collection!
Take a look, but make sure you have plenty of tissues, some of them are very sad.

Note: new guestbook submissions will be suspended for a few days due to a recent web host move.
You can view my guestbook if you'd like to see what other visitors think.

Awards! - We got some! I knew we had some talent (other than butt-tucking)!

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is owned by Caleb.

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