A Portrait Of The Artist

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She sits at the easel and lets the feeling roll over her. Perhaps she settles on
the stool before the piano or at the keyboard of her computer desk. The process
is the same. The subject burns into that special place in the Artist's soul until
it hits the creative nerve.

Clocks stop. Telephones mute. Traffic ceases. The Universe is reduced to the
smallest, uncommon denominator. The intense focus continues until the Artist
is drained, washed out and used up. All her energy has been transferred to the
canvas, paper or screen. In an incredible, personal act of creativity, she has
created something that wasn't there just hours before.

She stands back now and critiques her creation. She touches only lightly,
bringing a bit more depth, a clearer chord, a softer tone. She hides her work for
a while, afraid she's lost her objectivity, afraid the audience will smirk or laugh
and fail to see her vision and appreciate her gift.

And when she's finally ready, steeled to display this work of art, she offers it
to the world. And she waits.

No matter what response, the Artist suffers. No matter the talent and vision,
she is always left unsure; unsatisfied. The paradox of the Artist is lost with each
creation and learned again each time. No matter how wonderful, few will ever,
can ever, share the beauty and intensity with her. Few will ever fully understand
the depth of emotion and pain, each creation brings about. Fewer still, will ever
share her vision.

And so, the Artist retreats for a time to mend her heart until another subject calls
her name and captures her imagination... and seduces her again.


for Janie

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