Walking With Bob

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We all read an E-mail message from a friend. The fact that we had never
met was not important. The fact that she shared her story with us, was.

She told us a heartbreaking tale of a great yellow Lab named Bob. How a
tragic accident of fate and circumstance claimed him and tested her spirit
and her soul.

The details of that story brought us together in many ways, across many
miles. It touched a common chord and also opened many private memories.
It became both a personal conduit and a universal truth. It's funny how that
happens sometimes. How things become important in many different ways.

To some, Bob became a symbol. A symbol of the bond and the relationship
between a dog and its owner. A symbol of trust, understanding, love,
symbiosis and probably a dozen other things.

To some, the story was more concrete. A story about a good dog gone, lost
too young; an owner's broken heart. A lesson learned the hard way. The
sad way.

Some folks found an old, painful, personal memory and reflected on an old
friend. Others just imagined and empathized and for a moment, understood
the fear and grief and loss.

In its way, the story of Bob brought a lot of different people together. It
reminded us all of our values and showed us a bit of our own humanity and
our spirit. I guess it helped to remind us of what really is important.

Like the typical Lab that he was, Bob found a way to touch us all. Even
those he never met. And for a brief instant, we all held his leash and took
a collective walk with a good dog.
We all took a walk with Bob.


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