Another Birthday Song

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Sang Happy Birthday to my dog today. Two years old already. He didn't like
my voice much. Or maybe he loved it. What's it mean when they jump straight
up and Butt-tuck around the coffee table with their fur all up and a glazed look
in their eyes and then try to run out the back door? Must be some primitive pack-
behavior thing. Couldn't be my singing.

Thought a lot about the Dog birthdays and how many times I've sung that song.
Saw some photos from 1974, with a damned smart Golden named Joshua that had
a heck of a first birthday party that year. Boy I miss that big guy. Miss a lot of the
folks that were there, too. Sang that song to him, ten times.

Sang to Zachary, too. Thirteen times. He would look at me with wise Labrador
eyes and smile. Hey, you all know that Labs can smile. He was way too calm to
get all worked up about a little singing. He just grinned and brought me a toy.
All big occassions needed to be honored with a toy in mouth. My daughters
sang to him as well. Their little girl voices went on to become soft, woman voices
that could carry a tune, even when he couldn't hear it anymore. Zach wore those
silly hats with great pride and silence. Can't even tell you what I'd give to sing
that song to him a few more times.

So today, for Caleb, on his second birthday, I sang that song again. I hope to
sing it many, many more times.

Happy Birthday Caleb Tucker,
Happy Birthday to you.

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