...Carry You

Copyright © 1997 Walt Zientek

When I brought you home, I carried you.
I held you close and made a promise that day.
As I breathed in that sweet, soft, clean smell,
I promised to carry you, and keep you safe and well.
I laughed and spoke so quietly to you.
I taught you your name. You showed me your heart.
And I showed you mine, as I carried you, that day.

When I take you home, I'll carry you.
I'll hold you close, as I promised that day.
I'll breathe in that old familiar smell,
and keep my promise to keep you safe and well.
I'll cry as I speak so quietly to you.
I'll say your name. You'll show me your heart.
And I will lose mine, when I carry you, that day.


for Dian, Carol, Sue and Jim

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