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"Everyman" has never been to a Dog Show.

"Everyman" thinks a 'Major' is a soldier on his way up.

"Everyman" thinks a CD is a good way to save money and a great way
to listen to music.

"Everyman" remembers when GSDs were athletes, Setters were hunters
and Boxers, Airdales and Cockers were the neighborhood nannies.

"Everyman" remembers Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Old Yeller, Asta and Cleo.

"Everyman" remembers instinctive hunters, herders, protectors and pals.

"Everyman" is a mom in a Mini Van on her way to the Vet, a grandpa
raking leaves with his old boy nearby.

"Everyman" is a toddler in a Pet Shop with her face pressed tight against
the glass, a wheelchair bound teen with his hand wrapped tight around
the harness and a young wife, home alone, feeling safer with the dog at
her feet.

"Everyman" puts bows on a Yorkie, sweaters on a Frenchie and fresh
food on the floor every day.

"Everyman" wants to understand why a $500.00 dog comes with more
restrictions than a $30,000.00 car. Or a $200,000 house.

"Everyman" doesn't plan to breed his dog, but somehow, resents being
told he can't.

"Everyman" needs an education, not a lecture, an attitude or a scolding.

"Everyman" wants a perfect pet and companion.

"Everyman" is a genius....... an innocent....... and a fool.

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