Campfire's Call: A Winter's Night

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"What's that Caleb? You're cold? Me too Buddy. Never been away from the
Fire for this long.

Slow down so Gib can keep up. Yep, he's got those short legs and he feels
the cold even worse than us. Atta boy Gib, c'mon close to us, we'll keep each
other a little warmer.

I remember when we sat real close to the Campfire. Sure Gibson, I know you
liked the warmth as well as all the pretty girls. What? Sure your friends
were always there, making a big fuss over you, calling you fancy names and
giving you belly rubs. I know you like it there.

But we needed to stretch a bit. We were sitting too long and getting sleepy
from the warmth and watching the dancing flames. The talk became a distant
hum and we began to nod off to the steady sounds. It was warm and familiar
and too easy to drift away.

What Caleb? You think we've stretched enough? You think we have journeyed
too far from the Campfire?

Put your nose to the wind Big Guy. Find the scent for us.

That's a boy. Good job. Can you smell the woodsmoke?

Gib, put your ears to the air. Do you hear the sounds of people talking,
laughing and sometimes crying? Can you hear the wood crackling in the fire?

Whoa, easy Boys. Lead the way gently.That's it, push your way through the
cold and dark slowly. Good job!

Is that the trail in the snow? I think I hear the sounds myself. I think I can
smell the scent of hickory and pine and maple and ash. I think I can see the

Okay, okay, you guys can run ahead and say hello. I'll be right behind you.
I see some friends I need to hug and say hello to and the coffee sure smells
fine. Mighty fine."

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