Godspeed, Lucky Boy

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His name was Lucky. What else can you name a tiny gray kitten that was
rescued, along with his bother, from a dumpster, six years ago?

My daughter's boyfriend Louie, saved Lucky and his sibling, Doopy and
brought them to our house where my wife was given the job of bottle-feeding
and surrogate motherhood for these frail little guys. They shared our home
with my Heart Dog Zach, the wise and tolerant elder patriarch and our two
spoiled cats, Cody and Molly.

The menagerie eventually fell into a rhythm of feedings and sleeping and
hysterical playtimes, as the two kittens grew into real cats. Our own cats
tried to ignore them, as cats are wont to do. Zach loved them, of course and
tolerated every devilish trick they played. Many a well-deserved nap was
rudely interrupted by a kitten's sneak attack. Many a meal was disrupted by
a kitten in the bowl. Pretty much life-as-normal in a family that loves animals.

Eventually the two brothers were ready to live with Louie and they
transitioned to his home as gracefully as could be expected. There, they
bonded with his black shepherd, Spade and began their lives as Kings of a
new neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, Lucky was acting poorly. The Vet treated him for worms
and he seemed to be bouncing back when he suddenly took a turn for the
worst. Many tests, hundreds of dollars and several nights in the hospital,
revealed a litany of medical problems which included diabetes, pancreatitis,
kidney and liver dysfunction.

Louie and my daughter worked very hard to help the Lucky boy, not missing
the cruel irony in his name, but he seemed to lack the strength to fully recover.
A small improvement was followed by a severe relapse and more Vet visits,
more tests and more medications and regimens.

Late last night, Jaime got a call from Louie. Lucky seemed to be failing. She
raced to his home and they then hurried to an emergency animal hospital,
several towns away. The prognosis was very poor. Our phone rang many
times throughout the night and into early Easter morning. My wife listened,
counseled, cried and finally offered the sad advice to let him go. To let him

There are many old traditions and thoughts about people who pass away on
Easter. Lots of folks say that they go straight to heaven. I don't know what
if anything, folks say about pets who leave the Earth on Easter. In my mind,
I don't see any reason why the same thing shouldn't hold true.

Cross the bridge with Godspeed Lucky Boy. Remember, you were loved.

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