When The List Is Down

Copyright © 1999 Walt Zientek

Oh! Was it me?
What did I say?
Did I flame a friend today?
I'm sorry if I broke a rule!
Lord, I'm feeling such a fool!

"Hello Server, this is me.
I'm having problems here
You see.
My mail isn't coming through!
Is there something you can do?"

Hello Linda, John and Sis,
Has something happened
to the List?
Is it them or is it me?
My screen is empty, blank and pale.
What's the matter with my mail?

Dear Provider:
That you lend a techno-hand!
If my mail has been lost
You will pay a pretty cost!

Funny how these things work out,
Some will yell and some will pout.
Others send a private word,
Hoping that they will be heard.
Some are sure they've done a sin
And now they just won't be let in.

No matter what you have to say,
Tears or brags about your day,
No one loves a quiet List,
All the mail sure is missed!

So calm yourself and sit back down.
Throw away that silly frown.
Get quite cozy for a while.
The List is back, so you can smile.

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Last modified: 8-19-2000

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