Universal Mom

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She awakens to soft light and gentle breezes, or to the sounds of kids
playing downstairs, or to the maddening wail of sirens and chaos.

She slips on a silken dressing gown, or a comfy terry robe, or a tattered
flannel shirt.

She makes her way down an elegant staircase with polished hardwood
rails, or along a narrow hallway, clutterd with toys and games, or over the
sleeping bodies of too many people in too little space.

She sips custom blended coffee from a china cup, or Maxwell House from
a mug with a dog's face on the side, or re-heats yesterday's strong brew in
a sauce pan on the stove.

Two dozen long-stemmed yellow roses await her on the table in the
breakfast nook. Or, a Hallmark card and a potted geranium on the kitchen
table. Or, a handmade card on the dinette set in the corner near the window.

She smiles as she reads. The note attached to the flowers says, 'We love
you Mom!' The Hallmark says, 'We Love you Mom!' The words on the
carefully drawn card say, 'We Love you Mom!'

She sits and slowly sips the strong warm coffee, enjoying the peaceful
moments before her family rises. She doesn't realize she is still holding
the card in her hand. She doesn't realize she is still smiling.

Happy Mother's Day.

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