The Odyssey

Copyright © 1997 Walt Zientek

He was frightened. And cold. And lost and desperate to get home.
The sounds from the road were a nightmare of noise. The fumes
assaulted him. They burned his nose and confused him.

His pads were sore. His legs tired and weak. He longed for his
bed and bowl. Home was becoming a fading memory of warmth
and happiness.

His collar chafed. The rough weeds scratched and jabbed at
him. Twilight brought a sudden chill of rain down on his head.

Too tired to walk. No place to sleep......

"Come on Buddy! Let's go! Time to eat! It's getting dark and it's
starting to drizzle. You're getting to be such a Big Boy! Maybe
next time, we can walk ALL the way around the block!"

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