The Open Gate

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She wasn't the biggest. Or the smallest. But she sure was the sweetest.
Soft black fur, so shiny, it nearly glowed. That slightly worried brow
with deep, dark eyes that gave her a 'please love me' look.

She wasn't the boldest. Or the most timid. But she was the friendliest,
people loving-est, trusting-est one. The one with all the promise to do
or be whatever was asked.

A truly loving family took her home. And gave her love. And training.
And a name. The family gently taught her the rules. They taught her
which things were toys and good to chew. They showed her where her
warm, safe bed, was kept.

Her family got her vaccinations and special, very expensive food to
eat. They taught her games like hide-and-seek, get-the-ball and

She got to go to puppy school and training classes. She got new collars
as she grew. She loved her home, her kids, her yard.

Then, one day, someone left the gate ajar. It wasn't on purpose. It just
didn't catch.

Chasing butterflies around the yard, she found herself at the open gate.
She looked. She sniffed. She put her nose into the wind and sniffed again.

And then she sat. And barked. And barked and barked until her owner
came and latched the gate and said the 'good girl!' words.


Sometimes you get lucky.
Sometimes you need a happy ending.

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