The Perfect Lab

Copyright © 1996 Walt Zientek

The wise old grandfather (aren't they all?) sat on the creek bank
with his grandchild while the big dog romped in the water.

"Are Labs the best dogs?" the child asked.

"Sure are." he replied.

"What's a perfect Lab like Gramps?" the child begged.

"Now that's a long story." (aren't they all?)

"The perfect Lab is sleek and racy and full of energy and does a
good day's work. Or it's solid and short coupled and waits patiently
for its turn in the ring.
The perfect Lab tracks a lost child, searches a collapsed building
for survivors, returns ducks to hand or chases tennis balls across
the back yard.
The perfect Lab is a hunter or an obedience trialer, a Guide Dog,
a service dog or a couch potato.
The perfect Lab wears an E-collar - a Blue Ribbon - or a little girl's
Easter hat. It swims in the ocean, the lake or a little blue wading pool.
It rides in a Mini-van, a pick-up or a motor home. It goes to matches,
tests, shows, trials or Little League soccer games.
The perfect Lab catches butterflies or drug dealers.
The perfect Lab helps a blind person catch a train.
The perfect Lab is an old dog who's lived a full life or a weak tiny
puppy, fighting for every breath.
The perfect Lab lived 50 years ago.
The perfect Lab has yet to live.
The perfect Lab is being born today."

"Wow Grandpa," the child said, "the perfect Lab sure is a lot of things!"

"Sure is," said the wise old man, "Sure is."

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