Pick Of The Litter

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Research. Research. You've read every book from Nichols to Howe, from
New Skete to Pryor. You've devoured all the magazines, journals, digests
and quarterlies. You have surfed the Web, scoured the stacks and scoped
the Specialties.

You've queried, questioned, interrogated and E-Mailed dozens of breeders.
You have studied pedigrees to seven generations, double checked on
clearances and then checked again.

You now know more about genetics than most Biologists. You are boring
your friends. Your spouse will barely talk to you. And still you research.

Your phone bill is longer than the U.S. Constitution, including the
Amendments. You can identify kennel prefixes from 20 states and 4
provinces. You know bloodlines from England, New Zealand, Scotland
and the Philippines. And still you research.

Finally, the day arrives. You and the breeder have accepted each other.
You have studied Temperment Tests. You are armed with whistles, balls,
feathers and a 27 point checklist.

You take a deep breath as you enter the whelping room. 12 puppy eyes
look up but two lock on tighter than a missle guidance system. One fuzzy
pup pushes through the pack and takes a leap of pure Faith, right into
your arms.

Kisses, puppy breath and an unspoken agreement about respect and
unconditional love are exchanged at that moment. A bond is formed.

So much for research... you've become the pick of the litter!

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