The Private Lab

Copyright © 1996 Walt Zientek

(A sequel to 'The Perfect Lab')

"........Wow Grandpa," the child said, "the Perfect Lab sure is a lot of things."

"Sure is," said the wise old man, "Sure is."

The wise old grandfather whistled in the big dog and stroked its head.

"But the Perfect Lab isn't the most important." the man said.

"It isn't Gramps?" the child asked.

"Well," said the man, with a soft and far away look, "the most important
lab is the 'private lab', and that, of course, is another long story.

The 'private lab' can be a warm sweet memory. Perhaps a faded photo of
a little girl with arms wrapped around a big black dog, or a long-ago little
boy playing soldier with a chocolate or yellow best pal.
The 'private lab' can be the one in a litter that looks you in the eye and
makes unspoken promises that only you can hear.
The 'private lab' might mean hunting trips with your Dad on cold October
Saturdays, or a rescued dog found shaking, wet and frightened along a
busy highway.
Sometimes, the 'private lab' saved lives. Sometimes it slept with you when
you were ill. The 'private lab' is the reason for the best kennel names in
the world. Sometimes the 'private lab' is the one that raised your family
and watched it grow as it grew old.
An orphan, a mismatched pup, a Field Champion or a first time momma,
lost in whelp, the 'private lab' lives forever in your heart and mind. It
becomes a part of who you are.
No matter how long you live, the 'private lab' is your soul's companion
dog. Just say, or even think its name... and you'll know that this is true."

The grandfather looked away, took a deep breath and wiped some
dampness from his sunburned cheek.

"Grandpa," asked the child, "where is your 'private lab'?"

"Right here," said the wise old man, "Right here."

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