Until the Day...

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The old girl felt her worn and tired muscles relax and her pain dissolve. She drew in
a long, soft breath and relaxed a little more as the familiar, loving scent of her people,
filled her lungs. Memories of them rushed through her brain and warmed her heart.

"A collage of happy images and tender days."

She felt their soft touches against her fur. Their hands sent a tactile message of their
gratitude and their love. She felt the warmth atop her head and neck and blinked and
saw their faces streaked with tears.

"Don't cry for me or feel sad."

She heard them as she shut her eyes. They said her name and the "good girl" words,
through their pain and sorrow. In her mind, her tail wagged to tell them that she heard.
And understood.

"Good bye, my Hearts."

She is standing in a meadow, near a stream. The sky is fiercely blue. She hears the
song of many birds and smells the growing grass. Her legs are strong. Her eyes are
clear. She begins to walk toward a brightly colored bridge, far off on the horizon, but
pauses for a moment and looks back.

"Thank you. Until the day we walk together once again."

She turns and wags her thick strong tail and runs. And runs.


for Sarita, Ray and Shasta

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