Whose Lab This Is

Copyright © 1998 Walt Zientek

Whose Lab this is, I think I know,
Her house is round the corner, though,
I do not think that she should be
On the streets, just running free.

Call her softly, if you can,
And show her you've an open hand.
We've got to get her quickly home,
It simply isn't safe to roam.

Do you know her? What's her name?
For it would be a perfect shame,
If she should try to run away,
Thinking this a game we play.

So we beckoned, soft and sweet,
And showed to her a tasty treat,
Because no Lab would be so rude,
To walk away from offered food.

Her collar held, with a firm grip,
We started on our little trip,
Through a neighborhood we know,
Talking softly, walking slow.

To the neighbor's door we went,
A winter's afternoon well spent.
The dog was safely home that day,
So we hurried on our way.

We would've stopped and spent some time,
With our friends from down the line,
But we had schedules still to keep,
And miles to walk before our sleep.

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