Wonderdogs? ....I Wonder

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I wonder....

.... how an 80 lb. dog gets on the refrigerator?
.... how a 'super premium' food can ruin a dog's digestion, but a chipmunk,
an entire turkey, 7 cupcakes with wrappers, rhubarb pie and a Bic lighter,
.... why 'labragas' is funny but 'husband gas' is gross?
.... why the smallest women own the largest dogs?
.... where old tennis balls go?
.... how male dogs always know which shrubs are the most expensive?
.... why Kaopectate is considered a 'staple' to some show folks?
.... why people always give their dogs way better names than they give
their kids?
.... how a dog 'Always' finds the dog-hater in the crowd?
.... why the 'breed standard for temperament' is usually a good descriptor
of the owner?
.... why the smellier the substance, the longer they roll in it?
.... why, once you really get into dogs, cleanliness is not quite as close to
Godliness as it once was?
.... why slurpy dog kisses are always good, no matter what they were
licking 5 minutes ago?
.... why dogs have the best Websites?
.... why dogs chose to bond with humans?
.... why the Lord was kind enough to create the dog?


.... why he was cruel enough to give them all such a very short time?

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