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This is our place to keep stories and poems that we have found while surfing the internet.
Some of them are humorous, others are tributes, but many are sad, so make sure you've
got plenty of tissues handy. We don't claim ownership for any of them and when known,
the author is listed.

Sources for these stories are newsgroups, mailing lists and other sites on the internet. If
you know of anyone who is looking for a story like one of these, feel free to point them
here or just take the story, but if there is an author listed, please keep it with the text - it's
the courteous thing to do.

Do you know of a story or poem that should be included on this page? Do you know who
an author of some of the unattributed stories are? Are you the author of any of them and
wish them properly attributed or removed? Please e-mailCathy <mahle@connix.com>
and we'll make any corrections.

If you follow the LABSR4U mailing list then you probably know who Walt Zientek and his
best buddy Caleb are. One of Walt's claims to fame is that he is a 'Dog Story' author (with
help from Caleb) and we decided that he needed a page of his own. We convinced our
doghousemaster to make it happen, soooo... please visitCaleb's Corner, where you'll find
all of Walt's works and lots of other fun stuff.

Alone Again - Author unknown
Angel Harps - by Terri Onorato
Basic Dog Rules - Author unknown
Beau - by Jimmy Stewart
A Bridge Called Love - Author unknown
A Christmas Story - Author unknown
Creation - Author unknown
The Creation Story As Told By Snoopy - Author unknown
Diary Of An Orphan - by Sherron A. McBee
Do I Go Home Today? - by Sandi Thompson
A Dog Owner's Prayer - Author unknown
Dog Property Laws - Author unknown
Dog Quotes - Many authors
Dog Rules - Author unknown
A Dog's Bill Of Rights - Author unknown
A Dog's Eyes - by Sue Hamilton
A Dog's Prayer - by Beth Norman Harris
Dogs In Heaven - Author unknown
Dream That A Man... - by Ross R. Whitney
The Eternal Whistler - Author unknown
A Faithful Dog - Author unknown
And For All Selfless Volunteers... - Author unknown
For Sale... To A Good Home - Author unknown
A Friend - by Monique Eniero
From The Rainbow Bridge With Love - by Julie Wrigley Smith
A Gift Of Paws - by Terri Onorato
A Glimpse Of The Rainbow Bridge - by Jean L. Mowry-Everett
God Summoned A Beast - Author unknown
Golden Memories - Author unknown
Goodbye - by John Quealy
Guardians Of The Night - Author unknown
Heart Strings - by Terri Onorato
Heaven's Doggy-Door - by Jan Cooper
Home At Last - by John Quealy
The Housedog's Grave - by Robinson Jeffers
How Did You Know? - by Terri Onorato
How Dogs And Men Are The Same - Author unknown
How Many Dogs Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? - Author unknown
How To Photograph A New Puppy - Author unknown
I Am A Dog, Not Lost - by Henry P. Gaewsky
I Am Famous Now - Author unknown
I Awake - by Mike Blanche
If He Wakes In Your Arms... - by R. A. S.
If You Can... - Author unknown
Just My Dog - by Gene Hill
The Last Battle - Author unknown
The Laws Of Nature From A Dog's Point of View - Author unknown
The Legend Of Grace - by Klea V. Stilwell
Lend Me A Pup - Author unknown
The Little Dog Angel - Author unknown
Living Love - by Martin Scot Kosins
The Loss Of A Friend - by Bud Gordon
May I Go? - by Susan A. Jackson
Message To A Friend - by John Quealy
Mind Games Dogs Play With Humans - Author unknown
Mixed Breeds - Author unknown
No More Tears - by John Quealy
Old Dog - Author unknown
Old Dogs Remembered - by Ben Hur Lampman
One Day At The Rainbow Bridge - by Laurel L. Kristick
One More Dog... - Author unknown
Only A Dog - Author unknown
Patiently - Author unknown
A Pet's Prayer To Saint Peter - by John Quealy
A Poem For The Grieving - Author unknown
A Poem For The New Puppy Owner - Author unknown
The Power Of The Dog - by Rudyard Kipling
A Prayer For Animals - by Albert Schweitzer
Prayer Of A Stray - byBev Davenport
A Puppy's Christmas - A Poem - Author unknown
Rainbow Bridge - Author unknown
The Rainbow Bridge - Author unknown, another, slightly different version
Request From The Rainbow Bridge - byConstance Jenkins
A Rescue Dog's Christmas Poem - Author unknown
The Silhouette - by Terri Onorato
A Simple Message From Your Pet - by Ken D. Conover
Special Friend - by John Quealy
A Special Gift - Author unknown
The 10 Canine Commandments - Author unknown
Things I Can Learn From A Dog... - Author unknown
Time To Go - by John Quealy
Time To Remember - by John Quealy
Time To Say Goodbye - by Michael Tate
Top 15 Signs Your Dog Has A Problem With Alcohol - Author unknown
Top 10 Reasons For Losing The Westiminster Dog Show - from the David Letterman Show
Top Twenty Reasons Dogs Don't Use Computers - Author unknown
Tribute To A Dog - from a speech by Senator George Vest
Until We Meet Again - by Karen Mullen
Untitled (No more...) - attributed to an animal shelter volunteer in Massena, NY
Untitled (Should you go first...) - Author unknown
Untitled (...a scratch on Eden's Gate...) - Author unknown
Untitled (Come to Me) - Author unknown
Untitled (Don't grieve too long...) - Author unknown
Untitled (When God pondered...) - by Thomas J. Miranda
Waiting - Author unknown
Walk With An Old Dog - by Gayle Jokiel
Walkin' In A Doggie Wonderland - Author unknown
What Dogs Do For Us - Author unknown
When The Time Comes - by John Quealy
Where Do Pets Come From? - Author unknown
Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other - Author unknown
Why Dogs Are Better Than Men - Author unknown
Why Dogs Are Better Than Women - Author unknown
You Know You Have Too Many Dogs... - Author unknown
You Know You're A Dog Person When... - Author unknown
You Know You've Gone To The 'DOGS' When... - Author unknown

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