...And On The Other Coast

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...and on the other coast, nearby the cold Atlantic, the Tall Man sat down to
his computer mail. He was still giddy from a week in the Caribbean and in high
spirits, eager to catch up with friends and read the messages waiting for him.
The big yellow dog settled near his feet as the man began his task and then
startled, as the man shouted out, "Oh, No!" at the words upon his screen.

The big dog stood and put his head against the man's knee and looked
worried when the man touched him softly on his head.

The Tall Man read message after message about the injured dog and muttered
a clumsy prayer that he hoped would be in time, but of course, was not.

The dog sat quite still as the man remembered a picture of a young and pretty
girl and a SUV that was stuck somewhere. As he remembered a photo of a
very muddy dog that made so many people smile. As he remembered how
much everyone had shared the love this girl had given and gotten from her
companions, her friends.

Together, the tall man and the big dog, who looked so much like the fallen
Hero, sat and read the messages of hope and then the messages of sorrow
and grief and pain. Together they read the beautiful tribute from an Old Man
and an old friend and his yellow girl. They viewed the special picyures others
had done and the special page of tribute that was done just that day.

Together, the Tall man and the Big Dog sat for a long, long while, in silence.

"Be a good dog, Caleb, " the man finally said. "Be a Hero."


for Cathy

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