Behind The Email

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Somewhere, out there in cyberspace a friend is crying. There are no romantic
tearstains on scented paper, no dramatic flairs of script. There are sometimes
little indications that something is wrong, that you may or may not even notice.

Somewhere out there, a friend is in pain. Beyond the breezey chat and quick,
upbeat notes, is a person dealing with a problem, often alone, often bravely.

Somewhere out there, behind the email, real people live. Flesh and blood folks
with bills to pay, kids to raise, marriages to save and jobs to go to. You just
don't see them. You can't hear them or touch them or look at the worry in their
eyes. You only know what they dare to tell you; what they choose to share.

Somewhere out there, behind the email, a friend that you have never met, needs
your kindess. Send it in your next note. Somewhere out there... someone will


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