Campfire 2: Closure

Copyright © 1998 Walt Zientek

"C'mon Caleb, pull in a little closer. Gotta make a little more room.
Did you ever see so many folks and so many dogs before? I told you.
This old Campfire is a beacon and it sure is lighting up the sky.

Listen! That group over there is singing a song about Labs. Listen to them!
Ever see so many smiles? Nope, me neither.

Look over here. See that Lady looking at the stars. I bet she sees the face
of an old friend up there. Sure is good to see her here again.

Boy the fire is really blazing! The old warmth is pushing the chill right out
of the air. Warming up a lot of hands. Warming up a lot of hearts.

See those people. Those are Breeders, good ones. They sure do know about
Labs. They are teaching all the new folks. Trying to help them learn the ropes.
And those folks are trainers and trialers, sharing all their tricks for free.

There's a Lawyer. No, there are two. And she is a Doctor and he is a writer
and there are some nurses and that lady there, why, she's forgotten more
about Labs than I'll ever learn!

What? You bet. Sure is good to see the family get together again.

My eyes, big guy? Just a little smoke, just a little smoke."

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