A Quiet Hero

Copyright © 2000 Walt Zientek

Perhaps you've seen her.
If you happen by the track in the very early morning.
Perhaps she was was lost in thought,
Biting down on her lip, raising her eyes to
Smile at you. To say a silent,

Perhaps you've seen her.
The lady in the sweats, walking the three big dogs.
Perhaps you have wondered who
She is. And admired her dedication;
The loving way she speaks to
the dogs.

Perhaps you've met her.
The teacher in your child's school,
Who always wears a smile and has something
positive to say. Who made you feel proud and
So good about your

Perhaps you know her.
The woman sleeping next to you.
The one who saw the man you would become,
So very many years ago
In the eyes of the silly boy you

Perhaps you know her.
The mother that has made a home for you.
Who put her life on hold for years so you
Could learn to be the person that
She alone could

Perhaps you need her.
The woman with the easy laugh.
Perhaps she is the one you
Go to. When the job of living,
Pulls against your heart and

Perhaps you've heard her,
Crying in the darkened movie house.
At all the sentimental parts, where dogs and
Cats and pigs that talk are trying
To get

Perhaps you've loved her.
For bringing you home to a family.
For giving you the Kids to
Love. And comfy beds and healthy
food and time to be a

Perhaps you've seen her.
So early in the morning dark
And wondered who she was.
But never realized you'd seen
A Quiet Hero,
Passing by.


This piece was done for a far away friend who shall remain
nameless. She, like so many others, is a Quiet Hero to her
family, friends and dogs. Perhaps you too are a Quiet Hero.

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