Dog List Rules - Punishment (Full Text)

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Some individuals join breed specific E-mail Lists and then become afraid
to post. It seems that "fear of punishment" for improper posting, creates

The following should help to clear-up the confusion and assist in

PUNISHMENT: In these days of ecclectic and enlightened training
procedures, the term "Punishment" shall not be used. "Reward" and
"Correction" are politically acceptable terms.

If you follow correct posting procedures, the "Rewards" are as follows:

1. Cyber-Click and Treat.
2. Benign smiles from Owners/Listers.
3. "Atta Boy" or "Good Girl".
4. Liva Snaps!
5. Electronic Belly-Rub. (personal favorite)
6. Stud fees! (see above)
7. 30 minutes on the Good Sofa.

If you follow incorrect procedures, the following "Corrections" are used:

1. Auto-Message Reprimand-Polite.
2. Auto-Message Reprimand - Testy.
3. Auto-Message Reprimand - "Yo Stupid!"
4. Personal Note from List Owner(s).
5. Personal Threat from List Owner(s).
6. Personal Visit from List Owner(s)!
7. Quick leash-pop.
8. Fitted for prong collar.
9. Fitted for "experimental" E-Collar.

Please remember that not all people learn at the same rate or in the same
way. Not everyone can or will become a Master Lister or a Utility Lister.
Very few will achieve the title of List Champion. These titles are difficult
to earn. Changing that would cheapen their value.

There is however, no reason that all people cannot earn the "List Good
Citizen" designation and become well mannered and courteous companions
that are welcomed anywhere in cyberspace.

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