My name is Otis and as
you can see from my picture,
I'm Large and In Charge!

My name is Jake and while
I'm not as Large as Otis, I'm *still*
working at being In Charge!

!!! We Survived Y2k !!!

Welcome to our Doghouse!

We live in southern New England in a nice house with a great swimming pool. Cathy and Harvey live
here with us and make sure that we get plenty of treats and toys! They follow both Labrador Mailing
Lists on the Internet, so you may have already heard of Otis. They are two of the best people these
Yellow Labrabrothers could ever hope to have as companions.

Would you like to see some pictures from Otis' photo album?
We know you do, so just select from the captions below for some of our favorites.

(13 pictures, 206k)

Jake's 1st Pictures
(4 pictures, 42k)

Pool Opening Day '97
(15 pictures, 268k)

Otis' Labrador Fun-Day
(11 pictures, 210k)

Otis' 4th Birthday Party
(11 pictures, 183k)

More Pictures of Jake
(3 pictures, 38k)

Courtside Pictures
(2 pictures, 32k)

Poolside Recreation
(4 pictures, 62k)

Winter Wonderland
(3 pictures, 40k)

Even More of Jake!
(4 pictures, 53k)

Play-Day With Harley
(8 pictures, 138k)

Otis Just Being Otis
(7 pictures, 109k)

Our Memorial Garden
(3 pictures, 72k)

This is our place to remember friends that have moved on to the Bridge.

This is all we could dig up for now, but if you leave a comment in our Guestbook, we're sure Cathy will
help find a few more! If you're too shy to mark a page in our Guestbook, but still want to comment,
please e-mail Cathy <> - we'd love to hear from you (and we know she would too).

Some of these pictures are black and white. They started off in color, but they didn't look good enough after scanning.
Black and white is much more artistic anyway! The color pictures were scanned in true color and will look best on
displays capable of more than 256 colors. Funny - someone said dogs are colorblind. HA!

This space is dedicated to our favorite places

We've got a large collection
for your enjoyment.
Go ahead - sniff 'em out!

Backyard Buddies
We've met a lot of new
friends on the internet.
Wanna play in our yard?

Stories & Poems
Some are happy, many
are sad - but they all say
what it means to be a dog!

You can find a lot of good
info in Usenet newsgroups.
Check them all out!

Our doghouse has been
honored by some nice
people. Check 'em out!

Note: new guestbook submissions will be suspended for a few days due to a recent web host move.
* Please E-mail us! *
You might want to take a look at what other visitors have had to say about our doghouse in the
Guestbook. If you leave comments on a submission form, we'll make sure a human around here
adds them and then you'll be famous!

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